Brawl Stars AMA

by TheAlmightybro

The Brawl Stars team announced on Saturday that they would be doing a week-long ask-me-anything (AMA) on r/BrawlStars featuring many content creators as well as developers that will end with a special announcement on Friday.


Below is the Brawl Stars AMA schedule:

8/10Chief Pat11AM EDT
8/11Lex10AM EDT
8/12Brawl Stats10:30AM EDT
8/12FullFrontage2PM EDT
8/13Ash12PM EDT
8/14Coach Cory3PM EDT
8/15David From Google2PM EDT
8/16Big Announcement???

So far, Chief Pat, Lex, and Brawl Stars AMAs have already been completed but there are still 4 more coming in the next 4 days! However, what most people are curious about is what the Big Announcement on 8/16 (this Friday!) will be.

Update: You can read about the big announcement here!

What could the Big Announcement be?

While there have been little clues on what the announcement could be about, we do have some guesses.

Earlier today on Brawl Star’s official Instagram page, they posted this video:

This gives us a clue that perhaps the next update may have a theater or cinematic theme. However, take this lightly, for there’s still at least 2 weeks until all the new Star Powers are released. Therefore the announcement could possibly be the addition or special game-modes, themes, or even a Brawl Stars short-film.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that the big announcement will be a sneak peek or Brawl Talk. Update hints and Brawl Talks tend to pop up suddenly with only a day or two of teasers. Ryan from Supercell has also tweeted on Twitter that the Brawl Talk will have to wait, since they just recently came back from Finland’s mandatory vacation days. Coach Cory goes into depth about what he speculated the announcement could be in one of his latest videos.

Update: Brawl Stars has said that the announcement will be subreddit related and not game related.

That’s it for the Brawl Stars AMA info! What do you think the announcement will be and have you asked any questions on the subreddit? Thanks for reading and Brawl On!

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