New Brawler Tick, New Star Power Reveals, and New Endgame Content: Brawl Talk

by TheAlmightybro

Hey guys! The Brawl Talk was released earlier today announcing all of the major changes coming in the summer Brawl Stars update! The Brawl Talk features a new brawler Tick, new endgame content, new Star Power reveals, and four new skins. Read on the find out what’s coming in the next couple of days!

New Brawler Tick

Tick will most likely be a Mythic brawler (based on yesterday’s teaser) and has a very interesting attack and Super. Tick’s main attack throws out 3 mines, similar to Bo’s Super, that detonates when an enemy steps over them or after two seconds. However, unlike Bo’s Super, these mines will not have a knock-back effect. At max level, his main attack deals 896 damage each.

Tick’s Super is especially unique. Once activated, Tick’s robotic head will roll off and move towards the nearest enemy brawler. The head will then detonate upon impact, dealing 2800 damage. However, the head has 2240 hitpoints and can be destroyed before it explodes. The Brawl Talk, however, did not show the range Tick’s head can travel. Finally, Tick is unlock-able at 4000 trophies on the Trophy Road.

Also what’s interesting is that his normal attack projectile is the same as Spike’s Super!

4 New Skins

Also coming in this update are 4 new skins (no Brock skins this time!). The new skins include:

  • Mecha Crow,
  • Mecha Bo,
  • Robo Spike,
  • and Robo Mike

The skins will start at 150 gems each but can get discounts like most new skins do.

Star Points

Star Points are a brand new type of currency created especially for endgame players. After each season resets, every trophy lost for brawlers above 500 trophies will be converted in Star Points. Star Points are also obtainable through Brawler rank-ups (it is unclear whether or not they will compensate for brawlers who have already ranked up, so save your rank-ups at this time).

Star Points can then be used to buy exclusive items from a newly redesigned Shop. As of the next update, Star Points will be able to buy color variations of skins such as Mecha Crow and Mecha Bo. It was not mentioned how much these new colors will cost.

New Star Powers

Finally, they announced the addition of new Star Powers for every brawler, with 3 releasing every week all summer long. They showed short clips of a few Star Powers, and below are educated guesses on what they are (referenced from Coach Cory’s Brawl Talk analysis video).

  • Carl – Damage intake reduction while using his Super
  • Brock – 4 ammo slots
  • Poco – Super heal also does damage
  • Leon – Heal while using Super (600 per second)
  • Gene – Using his Super on teammates gives them 1600 health

That’s all that the Brawl Talk revealed! What do you think about the new Star Powers and endgame content! Do you plan on buying the new brawler skins? Let us know your thoughts and follow us to get notified of when the update drops! Thanks for reading, and Brawl On!

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