The update has dropped, and Star Points are now a new currency in the game. However, as with any update, bugs are sure to be found.

After the Brawl Stars update is complete, every player will be greeted with the “Introducing Star Power” screen, detailing how to receive them and how many you received from previously ranked-up brawlers.


However, many players are experiencing a bug where they receive 0 Star Points from previously ranked-up brawlers even though they should have received some. This is alerting at first, especially since it is very difficult to directly contact the Brawl Stars team. To address this issue, @BrawlStars has issued a statement on its Twitter account.


If you haven’t received your Star Points yet (or if skins aren’t appearing in your shop), don’t worry! We will be implementing a fix within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience!” – @BrawlStars

So, if you have not received any Star Points from previously ranked-up brawlers, just be patient and you will receive them soon. This goes for missing Star Point skins in the shot as well. If they do not appear or you cannot purchase the skins, just be patient and wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading; have fun with Tick?!

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