27 New Star Powers and New Brawler Update Teaser

by TheAlmightybro

Earlier today, Supercell released a teaser video for the new Brawl Talk coming tomorrow. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxea9DlWLAs (it’s on Trending!)

The video showcased 27 names for potentially new brawler star powers. Why do they mean a new stars power, you ask? Well, the title of the video is purposely “Brawl STARS?”, hinting at the fact that these are probably new star powers or alternate star powers. However, there are currently only 26 brawlers in the game. This means that there will most likely be a new brawlers coming in the next update. Below, we have broken down our best guess as to which new star power corresponds with which brawler.

Which new star power goes to which brawler?

Someone pointed out in the comment section of the video that the colors of the names are huge indicators of which brawler it is describing. For example, the first name is “Band-Aid”, which is in a blue-ish grey color, indicating a League Reward rarity. Below is our best guess at which name goes to which brawler in order of appearance (on the left is the star power name and on the right is the corresponding brawler):

  • Band-Aid – Shelly
  • Hyper Bear – Nita
  • Protective Pirouette – Carl
  • Magnum Special – Colt
  • Robo Retreat – Rico
  • Thorny Gloves – Rosa
  • Demolition – Dynamike
  • Tough Guy – Bull
  • Curve Ball – Spike
  • Extra Noxious – Barley
  • Sponge – Frank
  • Healing Shade – Gene
  • Rocket No. Four – Brock
  • Screeching Solo – Poco
  • Mama’s Squeeze – Pam
  • Rolling Reload – Darryl
  • Coiled Snake – Tara
  • Invisiheal – Leon
  • Shocky – Jessie
  • Batting Stance – Bibi
  • Pat on the Back – Mortis (Gene)
  • Meteor Rush – El Primo
  • Snappy Sniping – Piper
  • Balls of Fire – Penny
  • Snare a Bear – Bo
  • Well Oiled – New Brawler
  • Carrion Crow – Crow

Those are my best guesses as to which brawlers the new star powers correspond to. These educated guesses were made based on the name as well as the color the name was displayed in, although the Rare brawlers were pretty difficult to guess. I also believe that these will be a secondary star power and not a redo of the current star powers. I believe that you will have the option of choosing between two star powers. Furthermore, it is my best guess that Well Oiled is describing the new brawler, since it is the fourth red, or Mythic, name and does not really fit with any of the current Mythic brawlers (Mortis, Tara, Gene).

What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Let me know, and stay tuned for the Brawl Talk tomorrow! Thanks for reading and Brawl On!

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