New Epic Brawler Bibi – Everything we know

by TheAlmightybro

Edit: At the time this post was originally written, Bibi’s rarity was unknown. However, Brawl Stars YouTubers have revealed today that Bibi will be an Epic Brawler.

Hey guys! In this post, I will be going over everything we know about the new Brawler Bibi as well as some speculation for what the Brawl Talk didn’t reveal about her. If you want to know what the Brawl Talk teased, click here. Furthermore, I will be mentioning details from Coach Cory’s Brawl Talk video, which you can watch here. Now let’s explore the new Brawler Bibi.


Bibi is a melee brawler that swings a bat as her main attack. She has a decent amount of health and has a normal movement speed. Bibi has a new mechanic in which she has a secondary ability besides her Super. When she has all three ammo slots filled, another bar charges up that gives her next primary attack a push-back effect. It was been revealed by Brawl YouTubers that Bibi will be an Epic Brawler, so save up your boxes!

Bibi’s Stats:

At max level, Bibi deals 1960 damage and has 5880 health. Her push-back pushes brawlers approximately 4 tiles backwards.

Range: around 3 tiles with a spread of about 160-170 degrees.

Super: Bibi’s Super was not shown in the Brawl Talk, but we have a few guesses of what it could be. Bibi’s Super could be a heal of some sort, but honestly that’s a bit unlikely due to the nature of her character. Another possibility is that her Super is a big swing similar to Frank’s that is able to destroy obstacles. What do you think her Super is?

Movement Speed: From the Brawl Talk, Bibi’s movement speed seems to be around the same as every normal brawler (Brock, Dynamike, etc.).

Star Power: Although Bibi’s Star Power is not explicitly mentioned in the Brawl Talk, it can be seen in some clips that while Bibi’s extra bar is fully charged, her movement speed increases to that similar to Crow’s. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, so don’t quote me on this:)


Because of Bibi’s extra bar’s push-back effect, Bibi will probably be the strongest in Brawl Ball. She will be able to knock back enemies to clear a path or release the ball from the enemy’s control. The push-back will also cancel Supers, which makes it extremely strong. Bibi will also be decent in Gem Grab, but she will probably not be used in most Heist, Showdown (let’s ignore the first few days shall we), or Bounty due to her mediocre health and limited range.

Bibi has a high damage output, so she can take on most Brawlers except for heavy tanks such as Bull, El Primo, or Rosa. Due to her short range, long ranged Brawlers such as Brock or Piper have an advantage over Bibi, so learn how to dodge!

That’s all we have for Bibi at this moment! If I missed something, please let me know and I will add it right away! You will be able to try her out in the Training Cave as soon as the update drops in the next few days. Thank you for reading, and Brawl On!

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