Carl Release Date, New Gene Animation, and Siege Balancing

by TheAlmightybro

Another round of balance changes has arrived, changing Gene, Big Game, and Siege. Read on to find out exactly what has changed!


– Brawlers being pushed by explosions, spring boards, dyna-jumps, etc… are no longer invisible when flying over Bushes

– Night Witch Mortis skin promotional price ended (haha)


– Magic Hand starts flying a bit further away from Gene (previously the hand was spawned right on top of Gene. This visual improvement also makes hitting your target slightly easier)

– Magic Hand returns slower back to Gene (also makes it easier to understand what’s happening on the screen)


– Before the first Siege starts bolts spawn always in the middle axis of the level, they will spawn randomly after first Siege Bot is destroyed

– Bolts spawn a bit faster before the second Siege starts (later phases are unchanged)

– After a Siege Bot dies there is now a 5 second delay before new bolts start spawning (intent is to slow down the game mode a bit and reduce the snowball effect after a successful attack)- Increased IKE* attack range by 0.67 tiles (Brock can’t shoot at IKE anymore without taking damage)

*IKE most likely stands for I Kill Everything 🙂

Big Game:

– Significantly decreased the amount of health Boss Player’s pets have (Jessie was too popular in this game mode due to her turret HP). This change affects Pam, Penny, Jessie, Nita, and Tara.

Furthermore, Dani from Supercell included the following comment:

For the Carl enthusiasts, read this:

You might be wondering “Why don’t Supercell just tell us the date? The suspense is killing me!”

And I get it. I wanna play with that mad miner as much as you do! But there are mainly two reasons for that:

1 – Because… teasing.
2 – Working with apps and specially games, we know (and you know) that things don’t always go exactly as planned. Setting a specific date right away will make players expect for this new content to be available on this date, of course. BUT, if this doesn’t happen, then we’ll create a huge problem in our community in order to communicate that we couldn’t keep our promises because something unexpected happened. By the way, Carl countdown has just started. 😡

There we go folks, Carl is arriving next Friday (7 days from now)! Take advantage of this weekend to rack up some boxes!

That’s all for the balancing! Did you buy Night-witch Mortis on promotion? What do you think about the Siege and Big Game changes? Let us know, and as always, brawl on!

P.S. Good luck on unlocking Carl:)

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