Introducing Brawland – get all the Brawl Stars stats you need!

by TheAlmightybro

Hey Brawlers! We are proud to be announcing a partnership with Brawland, a Brawl Stars stats website! From now on, you will be able to check your in-game stats, local and global leaderboards, and even play all the Brawler sound effects without ever opening the game! You can check your stats by either clicking the “Check your Stats” icon in the Sidebar or the Menu! We are excited about the opportunities to come, and we hope that everyone enjoys Brawland!

What is Brawland?

Brawland started as an online statistics website for Brawl Stars. Statistics includes current player stats and history, including graphs for each brawler and club statistics. After a few weeks, we implemented a Soundboard and provided pages for individual clubs. Clubs can request a page on the Brawland website that includes all feeders of one group (for example all Nova or Tribe clubs), including auto-updates and a dashboard where club presidents can change their page. Brawland is a website that is built by the community, which means that we implement all requests that are technologically possible. In fact, we are currently working on a Brawler Wiki and Player Club Changes! You can visit us at

Please feel free to give them a visit! Be sure to join their Discord server for updates and even a Brawl Box Bot!

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