How to Change the Color of Text in Brawl Stars (Old Method)

by Simply Pete

Adding color to your text jazzes things up and makes your text look less…boring. Wondering how you can do it? Continue reading this post.

Notice: Number codes do not work with names anymore! Instead, you can easily change the color of your name by going to your profile -> Name Color -> Choose a color.

Adding color to text in Brawl Stars is very simple. The following method can be used for player names, club names, and club descriptions. Note that you CANNOT change the color of the text in club or game-room chats.

Here is the HTML code needed to have colorful text: 


*Note: You can change everything in green. Everything in red cannot be changed.

Here is what each part of the code does:

  • <c – This is simply the header. Type it exactly like how it is shown. If you do it correctly, you should see that “<c” disappears once typed. (Don’t worry, it is still there, just invisible now)
  • # – This is a number representing what color you want your text to be. # can be any number, but only 0-9 will produce a non-black color. The colors corresponding to each number is as follows:
    • 0 – Dark gray
    • 1 – Light gray
    • 2 – Orange
    • 3 – Lime green
    • 4 – Dark blue
    • 5 – Light blue
    • 6 – Pink
    • 7 – Orange-yellow
    • 8 – Purple
    • 9 – Light red
    • >10Black
  • NAME – This is the text you want to have colored. It can be anything you want.
  • </c> – This is the ending of the code. Type it exactly as shown. If you have done everything correctly, everything should disappear except for your name, which will now be colored.

That’s it! As you can see, changing the text color is not difficult at all. However, it is important to note that 8 character slots are used for the code (not including the text to be colored), so keep that in mind when changing your player name.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope that this straightforward post answered any questions you may have had regarding colored text in Brawl Stars. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. Brawl on!

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