Get MAX time on Robo Rumble with this NEW exploit

by TheAlmightybro

Another round of Robo Rumble is here and so is a new exploit for the updated map. Previously, walls were more than 2 layers thick, which allowed players to jump in them and be safe from the robots; now all the walls are only 2 layers thick. However, there is a new exploit that although difficult, can get you MAX time and MAX keys every single time.

So what’s the exploit?

The new exploit involves Dynamike’s Star Power. In other words, if you or a friend does not have a level 10 Dynamike, this exploit will not work for you. If you or one of your friends DO have a max Dynamike, however, then you might want to learn how it works.

On the left-center of the map (the middle of the left-most part of the map), you will see something like this:

Once you are here, start jumping from one side of the wall to the other (top to bottom, not left to right), baiting the bots in the process. Whenever you place your dynamite (when you attack), move a little bit towards the sticks as a precaution in case you are too far away (otherwise you won’t jump!). Your action should look something like this:

Note that while many of the robots will go to you, some bots may still spawn on the other side of the map (including the boss), so your teammates must still defend the safe. If the boss spawns on you, make sure it doesn’t charge its ultimate, otherwise, it will break your walls and the plan will fail. To prevent the boss from using its ultimate, jump a bit earlier than normal. Also note that the longer the robots are on the map, the faster they move, increasing the difficulty.

I hope this article helped you with the new exploit. The process is relatively simple but it can be difficult at first. Go grab some friends and try this on your own for max time and keys! You can also watch Coach Cory’s in-depth video on this subject here. Follow our Instagram at theofficialbsd! Thanks for reading, and brawl on!

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