Gene is here…or is he?

by TheAlmightybro

The new Mythic (yes, he’s a Mythic brawler) Brawler Gene was released earlier today as planned. However, a critical game-crashing bug has been discovered relating his Super.

[UPDATE]: The bug has been fixed and Gene is back in the game! The Lunar New Year offer has also been extended by 2 days.

According to the Dev Team, a “bug caused by code used internally to test Gene’s new Super mechanic caused some devices to crash in the live version. We immediately deactivated Gene and addressed the issue.” What can we take from this? Don’t open up your Brawl Boxes yet, Gene is not in the game and you will NOT unlock him! They will be compensating players who opened up boxes right after they deactivated him automatically, so don’t panic if you already opened them all. Some players also have a Special Offer in the Shop for a new Mythic Brawler; these have been disabled as well and displays that it has already been bought/obtained. Their goal is to “get Gene into your hands for this weekend.”

Let’s all hope that they fix this bug ASAP so we can all unlock Gene! You can check out the original post here. Check out our contest winners as well here! Thanks for reading, and Brawl on!gene-icon-1


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