Crash Fixes, Memory Optimization, Visual Changes and more

by TheAlmightybro

Another optional update will be available in the coming days across all platforms to fix some other bugs that cane with the update. Below is what’s changing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused “overtime!” text to sometimes appear incorrectly
  • Allow color codes in text “XX Accepted YY into club” to properly show the player name color
  • Blinking box buttons when opening a Club join link
  • Sound setting not saved as OFF when listening to music


  • Decreased the skill queue time from 1s to 0.3s (how long the skill is queued for casting when casting before the previous skill has ended)
    • During pushback and stun skills are no longer queued at all
  • Showdown: Follow the spectated player by default
  • Add outline to countdown, match over, showdown! and overtime! texts to make them easier to read
  • Use LNY theme in Play Again matchmaking screen
  • Poor network indicator removed from menu screens
  • Crash Fixes, and optimized memory

What is Skill Queue?

Skill queue is a system in games that determines how quickly abilities can be chained.  In other words, it is the ability to “queue” up a skill after the one you are performing completes. Once the skill is completed, the system will automatically fire the next skill you pushed.

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