A Battle Pass, New Emotes, and New Customization Items may be coming to Brawl Stars

by TheAlmightybro

Earlier yesterday, Brawl Stars performed a short maintenance break that puzzled many players. They didn’t seem to tell us what was changed, but many players on Twitter speculated that it had something to do with a Crow buff (unlikely) or a matchmaking fix (again, unlikely). However, if you visit the News tab, you will notice that there is a new survey that you can take to improve the game. Some of the questions asked in this survey could be hints at future updates; this is big folks.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and asks a variety of questions about the game, such as how long you’ve been playing Brawl Stars and how long you play every week. Towards the end of the survey though, some very interesting questions pop up:

A Battle Pass with Emotes?

The question in the first image asks users whether or not they would be interested in seeing a Battle Pass feature similar to in Fortnite. Battle Passes will have to be purchased (probably every season) and will allow players to unlock bonuses during that season. In parenthesis, they mention boosts and emotes. Boosts could be referring to the current Key Doubler, but could they be adding more boosts in the upcoming updates? Emotes, however, and NOT in the game yet, but according to this, it is very possible that they will be coming soon!

Purchasable/Unlockable Player Titles and Taunts?

In the second image, they ask users whether or not they would be interested in buying or unlocking more customization items. Other than Profile Badges, the other customization items are currently not in the game yet. This means that Player Titles, Emotes (again!), and Taunts all have potential to be added into the game (even your own idea could even be added if you choose “Other”)! Personally, I feel that these would be great additions that would motivate players to play the game more often.

What do you guys think of this information? Do you think these will be added into the game in the next few updates? Please take the survey in-game to share your opinion and possibly help put a Battle Pass, new emotes, and new customization items into the game! That’s it for this post, stay tuned for more news!

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