Quick Tips For Gem Grab

by Simply Pete

Hey brawlers, welcome to this quick tips guide to Gem Grab! These tips are directed towards beginner to intermediate players who are familiar with the game mode and its goals.

General Tips:

GEMGRAB Use the right brawlers for the right maps. For example, Poco is excellent in Gem Grab as a whole, but may not perform as well in maps such as Echo Chamber where brawlers like Piper and Ricochet do well in
GEMGRAB Do not be overly aggressive. You should not chase after enemies when unnecessary
GEMGRAB If the enemy is on countdown, it is not necessary to always aim for the enemy carrying the most gems. If there is an easier target that is carrying enough gems to discontinue the countdown, go for them instead
GEMGRAB Unless necessary to win the game, do not go for gems located near the enemy spawn location
GEMGRAB A good strategy is to have one of the following combinations:

• One gem carrier, one aggro brawler, and one support brawler

• One gem carrier, two support brawlers

GEMGRAB If your team is on countdown, do not immediately retreat. Slowly inch backward towards your spawn location. If you are carrying the gems, try to find somewhere near your spawn location to hide, or go to the very bottom of the map. If you are not holding the gems, defend the gem carrier at all costs
GEMGRAB Take control of the gem spawn. If your team has control of the gem spawn and can successfully defend it, your team is much more likely to win


Strong Gem Grab Brawlers:

  • Aggro Brawlers:

    • Leon
    • Shelly
    • Frank
    • Spike
    • Tara
    • Bull
    • Primo
  • Gem Carriers:

    • Pam
    • Poco
    • Bo
  • Support Brawlers:

    • Nita
    • Jessie
    • Penny
    • Brock
    • Ricochet
    • Colt

I hope the tips listed in this post will help you and your fellow brawlers out. You can find more guides by searching them up in the search bar or choosing the “Guides” drop-down menu.


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