January Brawl Talk – New Brawler, Skins, Maps, and More

by Simply Pete

A new Brawl Talk has dropped, releasing sneak-peeks for the next update.

The update will be released at the end of January, most likely January 31st. To check out sneak-peaks not released in the Brawl Talk, check out this post.

Here are the sneak-peeks released in the latest Brawl Talk:

  • Brawl Ball– The ball can no longer go behind the goal. In addition, kicking the ball consumes and attack

brawl ball gif

  • Heist– Some Heist maps are getting redesigned
  • Star Powers– Many Star Powers are being changed. For more details, check out the update balance changes
  • Frank– Main attack and super animation is changed

frank gif

  • Ricochet– Character model is changed; new attack animation
  • New attack indicators– Enemy bullets are now red; friendly bullets are now blue
  • Lunar New Year Special– Comes at the end of January, most likely the same time as the update. There is a new environment along with 1 new skin for Brock, Colt, and Darryl
  • 3 New Skins– During February, 3 new skins are being dropped: Football Bull, Valentines Day Poco, Popcorn Ricochet
  • New Brawler– Gene. Gene will be released mid-February

Those changes, along with others not mentioned in the latest Brawl Talk, will be coming to the next update. To find out even more info about what will be coming to the next update, check out this post! Thanks for reading, and check out our other posts as well! Brawl on!

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