New Maps, Attack Animations, Voices, Remodels, and More

by TheAlmightybro

The second sneak peek is here! Along with Balance Changes and a new brawler Gene (watch the Brawl Talk!), there are going to be new maps, attack animations, brawler voices, brawler remodels, and so much more. Read on to see what we know is coming in the January 31st Brawl Stars update!

11 New Maps

There are 11 new maps and 11 old maps removed in the upcoming update!


2 New Maps

  • Dune Driftdune drift
  • and Stormy Plains (all Beta players should recognize this map)Stormy Plains.PNG


5 Maps Removed

  • Bandit Stash, G.G. Corral, Fancy Fencing, Cactus Corridor, and Bone Tunnel

4 New Maps

  • Rolling Rumble,rolling rumble
  • Twist and Shoot,twist and shoot
  • Bridge Too Far,bridge
  • and Corner Casecorner case


6 Maps Removed

  • Stone Fort, Deathcap Trap, Crystal Clearing, Shooting Star, Outlaw Camp, and Canal Grande

4 New Maps

  • Dry Season,dry season
  • Layer Cake,layer cake
  • Excel,excel
  • and Bull Penbull pen

Brawl Ball

1 New Map

  • Pool Partypool party

New Brawler Attack Animations

The following brawlers have new attack animations:

  • Nita, 
  • Colt,
  • Jessie,

jessie gif

  • Brock,

brock gif

  • Poco,spike gif.gif
  • Rico (name changed from Ricochet),

rico gif

  • Dynamike,
  • Spike,Spike Attack GIF.gif
  • and Frank

frank gif

In addition, Nita’s bear, as well as Penny and Jessie’s turrets, have new placing animations!

New Brawler Voices

New voices have been added to Brawlers:

  • Bo,[wpvideo wGB8osAm ]
  • Mortis,[wpvideo nHHJBCzU ]
  • and Brock[wpvideo CJnH1gEN ]

These are all highly requested Brawlers from the community that needed a voice.

Brawler Remodels

The following Brawlers/skins have been redone:

  • SpikePinky Spike has also been remodeled and changed to Sakura Spike

    RicoGold Medalist Rico has also been remodeled and changed to Loaded Rico; the price is said to be changed from 30 gems to 80 gems

    Coltcolt remodel

  • Pocopoco remodel

New Map Theme

There are new town-themed maps coming in this update! According to Coach Cory’s video, only the new Heist and Bounty maps will be getting this theme. In addition, the map in Map Info seems to look slightly theme icon


  • New barrier: trees

  • New Darryl icon animation

  • New Rico and Barley icon

  • Exit button added in Friendly games

That’s it for sneak-peek #2! From Coach Cory’s video, the home-page UI does not seem to be changed except for the top right, where it displays, “Players online: 8”, but that may only be in the developer build. You can watch Coach Cory’s video here. Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss the next sneak peek and join our community Discord server! What do you guys think about these new maps and designs? Let us know, and as always, stay brawlin’!


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