The Complete Beginner’s Guide

by TheAlmightybro


Global launch is here, and I’m sure many of you are thrilled to finally play Brawl Stars! I am also convinced that many of you are searching for a complete beginner’s guide to guide you through the game modes, different brawlers, game UI, and basic strategies. Well, you have come to the right place! In this post, I will be covering the UI and the different pages available in the game.

To learn about the controls, Brawl Boxes, and resources, read The Complete Beginner’s Guide Part 2 here. (not yet available). To learn about the brawlers, game modes, and basic strategies, read The Complete Beginner’s Guide Part 3 here. (not yet available). 


The game UI can look overwhelming at first, but after reading this guide, you will find it much more manageable.

Firstly, after you pass the tutorial, you will be brought to the home screen. The home screen contains all aspects of the UI. The following sections will explain the purpose of each button/page as well as their purpose. Please refer to this visual as you read on. The numbers on the visual correspond with the header numbers below.

home page.jpg

1 – Profile and Progress

Your trophies, name, player icon, and rank icon are displayed here. In the bottom right of the grid is the icon for your next reward from Trophy Road.

This is the Trophy Road screen. You can click icons to jump to your profile stats or to your current trophy progress.

2 – Brawler Information

This includes the current brawler’s rank, trophies, and Power level. You can read about these under the Brawlers (6) sub-category.

3 – Resources

Your resources are displayed here. Your tickets, coins, and gems are displayed here. You can read about all the resources available in Brawl Stars in Part 2 of this series.

4 – Chat

You can click this icon to access both the club chat and the team chat. The team chat is only available if you are in a game room. You can create a room code and join a room code from this screen as well if you are not already in a room.



You can also view online players here. Players online in your band will have this symbol next to their namehh, while players online from your Friend’s list will have this symbol next to their name.ll


5 – Settings

You can click this icon to access the game settings. All the settings are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t describe them much.


The “Locked Movement Control” setting determines whether your movement joystick (left joystick) locks in place or not. This is personal preference: no one option is better than the other.

6 – Brawlers

This page displays all the brawlers in the game, whether you have unlocked them or not.


Your brawler’s rank (1-20), Power level (1-10), rarity (background color), and trophies on each brawler are displayed here. The Star means that you have the Star Power for that brawler.


This is the page for an individual brawler. You can get here by clicking on any brawler (even ones you haven’t yet unlocked) on the “Brawler” page. The top right “Star Power” is the brawler’s special ability and unlockable at brawler level 9 (not the same as their “super”). Below that is the brawler’s stats at your current brawler level (your brawler’s POWER). At the bottom is once again the power points bar and the option to upgrade. The left box allows you to choose skins for your brawler (if there is a grey “?” mark on a skin, it means that the skin is not available in the game yet). Please note that skins can only be purchased with gems!

7 – Shop

The shop is just what it sounds like, a store to buy in-app purchases, deals, and brawler power points (I will get into what these are later). You can also purchase coins and gems in the shop. Check here daily for a free box, ticket deals (weekends), special offers, skin offers, or brawler power points.

8 – Social


The “Social” page is where your club stats and friends are displayed. Here you can search for clubs to join, view all your friends, view your club, or change your club settings (if you are Vice-President or President).

Each club has four promotional tiers: Member, Senior, Vice-President, and President. Members have no power, while Seniors can kick other Members occasionally. Vice-Presidents can change all the club settings, promote Members to Seniors and Seniors to Vice-Presidents, demote Seniors to Members, and kick Seniors and Members, while President has full control over the club.

The Friends tab consists of three parts:

  • “Friends” – Displays all your friends; you can also invite people to be your friends here
  • “Suggested” – Suggests friends based on recent battles and how many times you played with them
  • “Invites” – Displays all friend invites to you; you can reject or accept the requests

On the left, you can connect to Facebook to sync Facebook friends.

9 – Choose Brawler

This is where you can choose your brawler to play. Be aware that when you restart your game, the brawler you last played will be defaulted, while the game mode defaults to the first slot.

10 – Teams

Click the plus signs to invite friends or club-mates to your party. You can also request to join rooms here.

11 – Battle Log

This is where you go to find your past battles and replay (not in the game yet). You can friend request players that were on your team and view their stats.

12 – Leaderboards

These are the leaderboards. You can view the leaderboards for everything, locally and globally. There are leaderboards for total trophies, club trophies, and individual brawler trophies.IMG_5894

13 – News

This is the news section. Official news or features will be posted here. If there is a new article, a number will pop-up here.

14 – Big Box

There are three main types of Brawl Boxes in the game. A Big Box is the equivalent of 3 regular Brawl Boxes. You need 10 Star Tokens to open one Big Box. Find more about Big Boxes and regular Brawl Boxes in Part 2.

15 – Brawl Box

This is the standard Brawl Box. You need 100 tokens to open one Brawl Box.

16 – Game mode

You can choose the game-mode to play here. If you have not yet unlocked a game-mode, it will tell you how many trophies you need to unlock the slot.


Different game-modes have different icons. Listed below are the icons with their corresponding game-mode.


17 – Battle

You click this icon to “ready up”. You can click it again to “unready” yourself. Right above this bar is your token bar. It displays how many tokens are currently available to collect and how long there is until 20 more tokens are ready to be earned.

18 – Friendly Battle

Friendly battle rooms can be created here. Once clicked, you can invite up to 5 other friends or club-mates to join you (excluding showdown, where up to 9 other players can join). In a friendly room, you can play any game-mode and map you want. All your brawlers are also maxed (level 10).




Thanks for reading The Complete Beginner’s Guide Part 1! I hope this helped you familiarize yourself with the game as a beginner. The Complete Beginner’s Guide Part 2 will include the resources available in the game, the controls, and Brawl Boxes! You can read part 2 here (not yet available). Brawl On!

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