Holidays Skins, Boss Fight, Background Changes – Brawlidays

by TheAlmightybro

Brawlidays is here! After weeks of speculation since they hinted to this in the previous Brawl Talk, Brawlidays has finally arrived, and the leaks are pretty accurate! Below is Supercell’s official Brawlidays information:

Get your Red Nose Nita, Santamike, and Lil’ Helper Penny skins! They’ll be available for purchase from now until January 3rd. You can buy them now, and keep them forever. However, starting on January 3rd, nobody else will be able to get them! We’ve also got a brand new game mode coming this weekend!


BOSS FIGHT! coming soon!

Beat the Boss in this brand new mode! After beating a challenge level, you’ll progress onto a more difficult boss. Compete for rewards, fame, and glory! When playing in a game room, you’ll start at the lowest level in the room. If you’ve already beaten that level, you can play without tickets but won’t receive rewards. Join your friends to be the BEST in the world!



In addition to this, there have been some UI revamps, including new winter themed maps and a new winter-themed background and loading screen! This is available after you update your game through the App Store or Google Play store. In addition, the chat now pops up the latest messages from your teammates on your team when you are “Ready.”

Get brawling and earn many tokens for the different stages of Boss Fight! Buy the skins while they are skin available! Happy Brawlidays everyone! You can watch Brawl Star’s Brawlidays video here. Stay tuned for a Boss Fight guide tomorrow.

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