Brawl Stars in Clash Royale?

by TheAlmightybro

Hey brawlers! Earlier today, Clash Royale released Part 1 of their December update video. However, unlike regular TV Royale podcasts, this one featured Brawl Stars. This was done mainly for marketing and advertisement, but I guess it was planned all along. So how exactly is Clash Royale bringing in Brawl Stars into their game? Read on to find out!

In Part 1 of Clash Royale’s update video today, they sneak peaked a new “Heist” game mode available for a limited time in Clash Royale. Here is an image from the video: shelly in cr

Similar to Heist in Brawl Stars, the objective is to destroy the opponent’s “safe” before they destroy yours. Also in this screenshot is “Shelly.” This new LTM features two Brawl Stars brawlers, Bo and Shelly. Bo is a Legendary card while Shelly is an Epic. The LTM is draft style, and you will get either Bo or Shelly.


Don’t get too excited about this though. In reality, “Bo” is just the Magic Archer and “Shelly” is just the Buccaneer with slightly more range (maybe). The “safe” is just a tower, and the whole objective of Clash Royale is to destroy the tower in the first place.



Also included in the update is the introduction of Star Levels, sound familiar? Star Levels 1, 2, and 3 are unlocked by Star Points, which are obtainable after a card is maxed. Sounds like Clash Royale may be running out of ideas…? What are your thoughts? Let us know! As always, thanks for reading, and follow Brawl Stars Daily for more posts and updates!

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