Brawl Stars December Update – Revamped UI, Leon, and More

by TheAlmightybro

The December Brawl Stars update is live! They rolled out the update and balance changes a few days before global release. They completely revamped not only the maps but also the game UI. Read on the mind out more!

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User Interface Revamp

If you’ve played this game since soft-launch back in June 2017, you would know that they have changed the user interface (“UI”) is almost every update. This update is no different.

If you played or have played Fortnight before, you should see a familiarity between the new Brawl Stars home page and that of Fortnight’s. The locations of all the tabs are changed, and there’s a new way to view and invite online members. Similar to in Fortnite, you click the plus icon to see available friends or bandmates, and you can then invite them. Players now must request to join game rooms displayed as open.

Notice: anyone in the room may invite or accept players now.

What is tedious about this new design is in your profile. In order to view your stats, you must click the Trophy Progression bar in the top left and scroll all the way to the beginning. This is extremely inconvenient to higher trophy players.

Item Redesigns

If you pay attention, you will also notice that coins, regular, big, and mega box, keys, and star keys have been redesigned. The Brawl Boxes look completely new, and keys are now grey.

Band (Club) Chat

    • “Bands” are no more. Instead, “bands” are now called Clubs. Positions in the Club have also been changed from

Leader renamed to President

Co-Leader renamed to Vice President

Elder renamed to Senior

The Club chat is now pretty tedious to access. The only way to access the band chat is to click on the “Friends” icon in the top right corner and navigate to the “Club Chat” tab. The Club Chat only displays a few messages at a time, making it a gruesome task to read a large number of messages at a time. A necessary change? Not really.

New Brawler: Leon

The new legendary brawler Leon is out, and he may be the most powerful brawler in the game. With each attack throwing out 4 shurikens that deal more damage the closer they are to the target, Leon deals heavy damage in close range. His super, allowing him to stay invisible for 10 seconds, allows Leon to sneak up on unsuspecting brawlers and shred them to bits.

  • Star power – Leon moves faster while invisible


New Skins and Models

  • New Models – Shelly, Bull, Nita, Barley, Dynamike, Brock
  • Revamped Skins – Bandita Shelly, Viking Bull, Panda Nita, Golden Barley, Beach Brock
  • Exclusive Skins – Star Shelly (play the game before 2019), Wizard Barley (Connect to Supercell ID)wizard barley

3-D Environment

Everything has been changed to be 3-d. This includes brawlers, maps, items, etc. Although the design looks very slick, a downside of this is that a faster processor is required to run the game smoothly, making the minimum iOS software to be iOS 9 or up. The game also becomes much laggier on older smartphones, especially in maps where there is a lot of grass.

Game Modes

  • New Modifier – Healing Mushrooms: Spawns an area that heals players

  • Robo Rumble Map Adjustments

    • Larger map with enemies attacking from all sides

    • Charge ability removed from high level melee bots

  • Life Leech

    • All player based healing (for example Barley’s Star Power, Pam’s Star Power) is reduced by 75%

    • If a player dies from life leech ticking damage and is poisoned at the same time give full health to the player who poisoned him

  • Angry Robo Modifier Changes

    • Robo no longer sees into bushes

    • Robo cannot hide in bushes

    • Robo drops 5 power cubes on death

    • Pets/Turrets now target Robo

    • Brawlers can charge their Super by shooting Robo

  • Practice mode removed (Can still play with bots in friendly rooms)

Map Changes

  • Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist and Brawl Ball maps are now 4 tiles wider

  • Brawl Ball – Players now spawn behind the goal

  • Heist – Players now spawn behind the safe

Gameplay Changes

  • All Super abilities can now be activated at any time when charged (can interrupt attacks)

  • Respawn location indicators have been added

  • Brawl Ball aiming direction is shown to teammates

  • Haptic feedback added for easier aiming cancellation (vibration when joystick is in the middle area)


  • New Voices: Penny, Pam, and Poco

  • New music

  • Brawler respawn SFX


  • Ticketed game mode moved into their own slot

  • Modifier game mode (4th slot) will be always available

  • Free Coins, Power Points, Key Doubler and Tickets added to the daily free item rotation along with the pre-existing free Brawl Box

  • Matchmaking improvements

  • New languages

That’s it for the December update! Brawlidays is coming soon! Stay tuned and follow us for more Brawl Stars blogs!


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