Leaked Brawl Stars Global Release Date

by TheAlmightybro

Hey brawlers! As you all know, Brawl Stars is going global sometime in December 2018! Lex has speculated that the game will likely go global more than a week from 2019 in order to give players a chance to get the Shelly skin reward. In other words, he predicts (that’s if he doesn’t already know :)) that global launch will be early or mid-December.

However, Opegit Studio released a post yesterday claiming the game will go global on December 12, 2018. Opegit Studio has leaked information on previous Supercell game updates, and have been accurate in many cases, so there’s a good chance this date is near the actual global launch. BS release leaked

Be aware that this information is NOT backed by Supercell and does NOT mean Supercell will launch Brawl Stars on this exact date. You can read the post here. Be sure to translate the page! Thanks for reading! Follow us for more blogs and guides, stay brawlin’!skins_popup_chars

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