Brawl Talk: Global Release Date, New Brawler Leon, Completely 3-D Environment, and More!

by TheAlmightybro

The Brawl Stars global launch update Brawl talk is finally here! The Brawl Stars team posted the Brawl Talk earlier today; a lot of exciting changes are on the way! Read on to find out all the sneak peeks!

Global Launch

After 515 days of beta (June 15, 2017 – December 12, 2018), Brawl Stars is going global.

Brawl Stars has finally confirmed the global launch date to be December 12, 2018. This gives you around 20 days to collect the Star Shelly reward skin. They mentioned in the Brawl Talk that they would release the game country-by-country. This is done most likely to reduce server lag and prevent unexpected server crashes. Starting from Asia, they will slowly roll out the game to the West Coast.


Entirely 3D Redesign

Probably one of the largest changes coming in this update is the map redesign. Every map and brawler will now be 3 dimensional. The new 3D design looks really slick and satisfying. Unlike the portrait to landscape game design change, this one will surely receive more positive reviews. In addition to making the maps 3D, they also expanded the map by 2 tiles on both sides. This will bring up new tactics and strategies but don’t worry, the viewing angle will not be affected.gameplay.PNG

Brawler Skin Revamps

Many skins have been revamped and are coming with this update. Every brawler is going to be changed into a 3D model, but some brawlers are receiving tweaks to their overall look. The brawlers mentioned in the Brawl Talk include:

  • Shellyshelly_cut
  • Nitanita_cut.jpg
  • Brockbrock_cut.jpg
  • Dynamike
  • Bull


    • and Barley


    While Shelly, Bull, Nita, and Barley are only getting slight changes to make them look cleaner, Brock and Dynamike got a complete reskin. Brock lost his hat (rip), and Dynamike now looks much brighter. Oh, and Dynamike lost his goggles.

New Brawler: LeonLeon

A new brawler is coming with this update! Its name is Leon, likely derived from Chameleon. Leon will be available to unlock as a Legendary brawler. His attack features 4 bullets that deal more damage the closer you are to the opponent. This is similar to Piper’s attack, just the opposite. His movement speed is similar to Crow’s, and his range is similar to Bo’s. A more in-depth description of Leon will be available here (link not yet available).

Leon’s Super, however, is what puts him into the Legendary category. His super allows him to become completely invisible for around 10 seconds and have an increased movement speed. However, if taken damage, the invisibility will temporarily be removed, and if Leon attacks, the invisibility is automatically gone.

Take advantage of Robo Rumble this weekend to grind up Brawl Boxes for this powerful, new Legendary brawler!

Mortis Hat?

The dev. team’s decision to remove Mortis’ hat in the previous update was quite controversial. The Brawl Stars team even created a Twitter poll asking the community for their opinion on Mortis’ hat. These were the results:mortis

As the results show, most people prefer Mortis with his hat. In the Brawl Talk, they touched on this topic some and created some hype for it. However, they did not directly specify whether or not Mortis’ hat would be back or not, but at the very end of the video, Mortis’ hat can be seen flying around the screen, hinting at its return. It is unclear whether Mortis will revert back to its old look or if the hat will be a purchasable skin. You can watch the Brawl Talk from 1:50 for more about Mortis’ hat.

That about wraps up the short December Brawl Talk! Get hyped for global launch on the 12th, and prepare to play a completely redesigned game! You can watch the Brawl Talk here, and don’t forget to follow Brawl Stars Daily for updates and guides! Stay brawlin’!

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